Flexible Suites at Setia Alam starting from RM197k* 

Lifestyle-office, Small-office (LOSO) suites that offer flexibility to design your space in your own way - be it for leisure, business or both. 

*After Bumiputera discount

Space for 


All entrepreneurs must start somewhere to be successful. Choosing a conducive workspace is made easier with our LoSo suites.

Space for 

Work + Lifestyle

Work doesn’t need to be mundane. Elevate your workplace with the lifestyle design of your choice. 

Space for 


Private functions with friends or serene nights with loved ones – our LoSo suites offer the lifestyle needs that you want.

More Space

When it’s Needed 

Exclusive units come with double volume ceiling height – offering more possibilities for your ideal space to your requirements. 

Exclusive Access to Shared Working Spaces 

Looking for a boardroom for important discussions?  
Need to host private functions with friends? 

Our exclusive access to 3,000 sq ft of Shared Working Spaces now offers the privilege that suits your work and lifestyle needs.

Working Space @ Level 9 

Shared Access to 43,000 sq ft of Lifestyle Facilities 

  1. Poolside Relaxation Area

  2. Read & Relax Corner

  3. Meditation Deck

  4. Plaza Area

  5. Multipurpose Court

  6. Indoor Games Area

  7. Jacuzzi

  8. Swimming Pool (25m x12m)

  9. Floating Garden

  10. Kid's Wading Pool (8.4m x 4.2m)

  11. Outdoor Dining Area

  12. Playground Area

  13. Outdoor Gym

  14. Multipurpose Area

  15. BBQ Area

  16. Picnic Area

  17. Floating Walkway

  18. Reflexology Path

  19. Fitness Rest Stop

  20. Basketball Court

  21. Aromatherapy Garden