When the word Halloween is being mentioned, we immediately recall spooky figures in the dark with glowing pumpkin lanterns. Then there are the sweets, lots and lots of sweets.
But rarely do people realise that this celebration dates back over two millennia ago as the preChristian Celtic festival called Samhain. During Samhain, it is said that the veil between the world of the living and dead is removed. People during those times dressed up as monsters or ghouls to trick the spirits into believing that they were one of them.
This is so that the real monsters do not drag them down into the underworld. As for trickortreating, it also goes back to ancient times in Scotland and Ireland.
The youngsters go from door to door asking for food or money instead of the sweets we all know and love. In return for such treats, they performed tricks such as reciting poems or songs.
Back to the present, people across the world celebrate Halloween in their very own unique way. For example, those in presentday Ireland would set off fireworks, eat fruitcakes and light bonfires.
While in Germany, people would hide their knives so that the returning spirits would not injure themselves. And here is another fun fact about the Halloween celebration. Just last Sunday, we had a spookylicious Halloween celebration at HCK Tower.
From creative Halloween crafts to sweet treats and pumpkin decorations, everyone had a spooky time. They also had the opportunity to explore the Harvard Suites show unit, which is a super lowdensity development in the heart of edusentral.

There are only ten floors per unit, being served by five lifts. Also, the project revolves around a strong educational element, namely the Peninsular International School Australia.
This amenity alone will serve as a powerful catalyst to raise the capital appreciation and rental yield of the surrounding properties besides waking up the area with a Booo! Find out more about Harvard Suites at: https://edusentralsetiaalam.com/

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