Windows are a very important feature of any home, not just for its functionality but also aesthetics. As such, home owners should give careful consideration to the type of window fittings. Window treatments control light and ventilation of a space as well as having a major impact on the décor.

The most popular types of window treatments include fabric curtains which hang vertically from a rod and blinds which are made-to-measure as per the window size and are available as roller, venetian and Roman blinds.

Here are some tips on how to choose between curtains and blinds:

Size Matters

Curtains are best suited to larger rooms. They give spaces such as living rooms a cosy ambience. Curtains in bedrooms also enhance the feeling of snugness, though be wary if the room is too small. Usually curtains are best suited to the master bedroom which should be the largest. Thick curtains also act as sound proofing keeping noise pollution from disturbing the inhabitants’ snooze time.

Dampness Factor

Curtains are usually made from thick fabrics and would retain moisture if placed in wet areas such as bathrooms. They would be unsuitable in kitchens as well as they will absorb odours. Blinds would work best in these areas, preferably made from plastic or steel materials.

Design Cues

Blinds generally work well in spaces designated for study or work. They impart neatness and a sense of order to an area where inhabitants require focus. With many more people working remotely, carefully chosen blinds can give a work space a more professional feel.

Curtains do allow for a plethora of choices. The endless fabric designs mean home owners can match the design with other furnishings in the room.

Ease of Maintenance

Curtains can be taken down and dumped in the washing machine. Blinds will need to be wiped down, one slat at a time. Both will require maintenance to avoid them becoming dust traps and it really depend on the home owner’s preference.

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