Traditional office spaces are running out of fashion. When the pandemic brought the culture of virtual meetings to the forefront, it also brought the awareness that people could work remotely. As the culture of remote working grows, so too will the demand for office spaces decline.

Hence we hear hilarious yet alarming stories of offices in New York being converted into vertical farms. In Malaysia, the snapshot of the property market 2022 by Jabatan Penilaian dan Perkhidmatan Harta showed that the occupancy rate for purpose-built offices has plunged by a tremendous 78.5%.

In the Klang Valley alone, the purpose-built office rental index showed a drop from 2021: RM48.55 per sq ft to 2022: RM48.53 per sq ft. All these indicate the declining trend in office usage which is seen to continue for the foreseeable future.

It is clear that office spaces alone will not make the cut. The time has come for the corporate world and a life of leisure to merge, allowing for a new dimension of flexibility.

Ambience LOSO Suites at edusentral, Setia Alam, represents that and more, bringing the avant-garde concept of Lifestyle-office, Small-office (LOSO) to the market.

All entrepreneurs must start somewhere, hence the units which start at an affordable price of RM197,000 is a good buy. Beyond the price, Ambience LOSO Suites provides a good balance between lifestyle and business.

Whether you are looking for a boardroom for important discussions or to host a crazy party with your friends, the development has it all. Exclusive access to the 3,000 sq ft shared working space provides plenty of both.

Speaking of exclusivity, certain units even come with double-volume ceiling height to give you all the space you need. Indulge in your unique individuality since units are offered with flexible layouts, allowing you to design them according to your preference. 

Maximise living and working now by checking out Ambience LOSO Suites at:

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